With Career Coaching, you will receive one-on-one support to make sure you’re performing at your best and getting the most out of your career at the City of Corpus Christi.

What is Career Coaching like? 

Before your coach meeting, you will receive an assessment to begin your career guidance platform. This will give you the opportunity to get an report of your core soft-skills and motivations, and immediately discover what career profiles fit your personality best.

After you complete the assessment, you will meet with your coach. In your first meeting with your Coach, you’ll talk about your education and career goals. Together, you’ll clarify your aspirations and make a plan for how to continue the coaching relationship most conveniently (Phone, Email, Or Face to Face).

What types of people can benefit from Career Coaching?

Coaching can benefit all types of people. Think about the people who are most successful at what they do: top athletes, successful business leaders, leading performers. Tiger Woods has a coach. So does the CEO of Google. These individuals are incredibly talented, successful and driven, and yet they have benefited from coaches to become the best at what they do.

Now look back at some experiences in your own life. Were there times that you could have accomplished more, or when you would have liked for things to have been just that much easier? Even if you are on top of your game, having an expert who is focused on you will help you take everything you do to the next level.

Meet the Coaches

Our Coaches are your allies on your career path. They have received the necessary education and hold certificates for talent based coaching. They also receive continuous professional training. Our Coaches are passionate about learning and helping others succeed, have demonstrated the ability to motivate others.  Meet them here..>>

  • We provide a one-stop shop to get answers to your career questions
  • We can provide you with strategies to get ahead in your career
  • We can provide support to reach your goals
  • We will help you plan your education and career path

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