GED Training Program

Growing The City's Champions

The City of Corpus Christi GED training program provides a completely free GED test preparation course, as well as practice tests, to help our employees pass the GED exam.

This program is available to City Employees who are ready to commit time and energy in preparation for their GED test completion. This program provides solid preparation in the most important test topics.  Special attention will be paid to GED test math topics.

The training focuses on five main topic areas:

  1. Math
  2. Language Arts, Reading
  3. Language Arts, Writing
  4. Social Studies
  5. Science

How does the GED Training Program work?

  • Attend the orientation
  • Take Pre Assessment Tests
  • Attend Classes – your scores will determine the length of your class schedule
  • Retake Placement Assessments – your scores will show us if our classes are helping you achieve your goals
  • Post-tests – These tests are required for each subject prior to taking the actual GED Exam
  • Pay Diploma Fees
  • Take the GED Exam
  • Graduate


City Employees entering this training program must read, understand and agree to requirements in this contract.


Please use this form to submit the employee signed contracts for us to consider the employee for training.