The City of Corpus Christi offers a variety of paid and unpaid internships for interested students seeking valuable work experience in government policy and administration. Interns have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the City’s mission to deliver municipal services which meet the vital health, safety and general welfare needs of the residents and which sustain and improve their quality of life.

A big impact on the future of our community is made by the youth who are in our academic institutions right now. We are working hard to develop ways to shape their performance, and influence their ability to lead.

The mission of our Internship Program is to develop and place talented youth in organizations within the City of Corpus Christi, and prepare them for future employment and community leadership opportunities.

Our Internship Program is structured to serve students in many ways:

  1. For those students just beginning to figure out their choice of major and career interests, we can help them to become aware of the many different kinds of organizations, build early professional experience, and sometimes discover what they don’t want to do.
  2. For those students who are clearer about their career interests and academic pursuits, our internships can help them apply what they are learning in “real world” settings, gain more substantial professional experience, and begin to develop a network of people in fields that interest them.

interns wantedELIGIBILITY

In order to apply to intern at the City of Corpus Christi, students must:

  1. Be 16 years of age and older.
  2. Attend an accredited educational institution, including but not limited to: high school, trade school, technical or vocational institute, junior college, college, university, or graduate school.
  3. A recent graduate is ineligible to apply unless he/she can provide confirmed proof of future enrollment in an educational institution.
  4. Have permission of the institution at which he/she is enrolled to participate in internship program.


STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: To be considered for an internship, a student must be able to devote a minimum of 10 hours/week to a work or research project in the semester. Hours can be flexed, upon mutual agreement between the hiring supervisor / mentor and student.

HOW TO APPLY: Students must submit the online internship application form below to be considered for an interview.


MENTOR REQUIREMENTS: Your role as mentor for the student is a very important activity. As a mentor, you are expected to oversee the work done by the student and meet with him/her weekly if not more frequently and encourage the student to attend all classes and do well in their studies.

REGISTER TO BE A MENTOR: Please fill out the form below to submit your project for consideration in the internship program.