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Amanda Howard – Employee of the 4th Quarter – 2014

Congratulations to Amanda Howard for winning for the Employee of the 4th Quarter award for 4thJune 2014 – September 2014.

Amanda Howard has worked diligently on education our community about the negative impacts of Stormwater pollution since she began her career with the City of Corpus Christi in 2008. She has personally shared the message of Stormwater pollution prevention, litter prevention, and recycling with more than 51,000 students, teachers, parents and community members at large. She has conducted over 200 presentations on Stormwater and participated in over 225 exhibits at community events to share this message. She has also worked with volunteer organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, and the Surfrider Foundation and school science clubs to coordinate placing “No Dumping” medallions on over 468 stormwater inlets, along with pollutions prevention door hangers on nearly 2,020 homes. Mrs. Howard performs much of this work education the community evenings and weekends, and always with a very positive attitude. Her passion for the message of protecting our beaches, bays, and estuaries shows in everything she does, as evidenced by her work ethic and attitude.

Mrs. Howard is continuously seeking ways to improve the stormwater education and outreach program, researching ideas used around the United States to more effectively communicate the value of clean stormwater runoff and its importance to public health and the economy. She truly wants the City of Corpus Christi to have the best stormwater education and outreach program in Texas.

In addition to her excellent service to external, customers, Mrs. Howard excels in her service to internal customers. She has become an integral part of the City’s United Way Campaign, serving on the Campaign Committee for the past 5 years. She also has served as a vital part of the Storm Water and Streets Department Safety Improvement Team. Her role on the safety improvement team insured employee training, health and safety concerns were properly vetted with management, providing a bridge between administrative staff and field personnel.

Congratulations on this achievement and the deserving recognition!

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