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August 2014 City Board, Committee & Commission Vacancies

The City Secretary’s Office is currently seeking biographical information forms for the following boards:

Arts and Cultural Commission – Three (3) vacancies with terms to 9-1-17 representing the following categories: 1 – Youth/Education, 1- Higher Education, and 1-Architecture. The commission recommends the use, location, lease or purchase of works of art to be considered a part of the beautification or cultural development of the City.

Board of Adjustment – Seven (7) vacancies with terms to 4-4-16. The board hears appeals for interpretations of the zoning ordinance.

Building Code Board of Appeals – Four (4) vacancies with terms to 5-4-14 representing the following categories: 2 – Building Industry, 1- Engineer and 1- Member Not Connected with the Building Industry. The board hears appeals of decisions and interpretations of the building official on rulings and alternate materials and methods of construction and considers variances of various City Codes.

Clean City Advisory Committee – Five (5) vacancies with terms to 7-8-16 representing the following categories: 1- Member of a local Chamber of Commerce, 1 – Commercial Solid Waste Hauler, 2 – Community at Large, and 1 – Educator in a Primary, Secondary, or High School within the City. The committee advises the City Council on recycling, litter, and other solid waste environmental issues of concern in the community.

Community Youth Development (78415) Program Steering Committee – Three (3) vacancies with terms to 8-31-15 representing the following categories: 3 – Residents of the 78415 zip code. The committee advises the City Council on a periodic basis the progress regarding the Community Youth Development Program.

Corpus Christi Community Improvement Corporation/Loan Review Committee – Three (3) vacancies representing the following categories: 2 – Community at Large and 1 – Financial Institution. The committee reviews and approves loan applications submitted through the various loan programs.

Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau – Six (6) vacancies with term to 8-1-16 representing the following categories: 4 – At Large, 1 – Restaurant Industry and 1 – Attraction Industry. The bureau solicits various organizations and associations to conduct meetings/conventions/tradeshows within Corpus Christi year-round and to promote the City as a year-round destination.

Electrical Advisory Board – Four (4) vacancies with terms to 12-31-14 and 12-31-15 representing the following categories: Master Electrician (with at least 5 years’ experience), Regular Engineer (registered professional), Commercial Builder (with 5 years’ experience) and Electrical Supply Business (with at least 5 years’ experience). The board reviews grievances pertaining to contractors and the City Electrical Code. It also can recommend to the City Council changes regarding the City Electrical Code.

Food Service Advisory Committee – Two (2) vacancies with terms to 6-24-16 representing the following categories: Food Industry and Community at Large. The committee advises the Director of Health on application of ordinances regarding food and food establishments and other functions.

Joint Airport Zoning Board (Reactivating) – This board is currently being reactivated to assist in administering regulations controlling the creation of hazards in the area surrounding Corpus Christi International Airport. There are two (2) vacancies to be appointed by the City Council. These appointees must be residents of Corpus Christi.

Mayor’s Fitness Council – Five (5) vacancies with terms to 5-11-16 representing the following categories: 1 – Senior Initiative, 1- At Large, 1-Community Outreach, 1-Youth Initiatives and 1- Health Care/Medical Profession. The council advises the City Manager, Parks Department, Health District and City Council regarding promotion of healthy living through organized sports, events, diet and everyday activity, all with a strong emphasis on using natural resources.

Mechanical/Plumbing Advisory Board – Six (6) vacancies with terms to 1-2-16 representing the following categories: Person Not Connected with Building Industry, Master Plumber, Mechanical Engineer, Air Conditioning and Home Builder. The board advises the City Manager regarding any matter in the mechanical, plumbing and irrigation fields that it considers should be brought to the attention of the City Council. The board also makes recommendations to the City Council regarding changes to the City Fuel Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes.

Oil and Gas Advisory Committee – Four (4) vacancies with terms to 12-31-16 representing the following categories: General Public (not connected with the oil and gas industry), Oil and Gas Well Industry, Alternate General Public, and Alternate Oil and Gas Well Industry. Alternate members serve in the absence of the public or oil and gas well industry member who is absent. The committee shall make a continuing study of operations for the exploration, drilling, and production of oil, gas and minerals and the possible effects of same upon the environment, public health, safety and general welfare of the City.

Park and Recreation Advisory Committee – Five (5) vacancies with terms to 8-23-16. The committee provides advice on City parks and buildings, public outdoor recreation areas and centers and other grounds.

Pipeline Review Panel – Five (5) vacancies with terms to 5-8-16 four of whom shall have technical expertise in the construction, maintenance, or operation of pipelines, at least one of which shall have emergency management experience and one shall be a community representative. The panel will hold hearings and render decisions on any substantive, non-resolvable technical issues that may occur regarding the intent to construct new pipelines.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Advisory Committee – Three (3) vacancies with terms to 6-16-16 representing the following categories: 1 – RSVP Volunteer Station Representative, 1 – RSVP Volunteer and 1 – At Large. The committee advises the City Council, City Manager and Parks Department Staff regarding volunteer recruitment strategies and activities.

Sister City Committee – Six (6) vacancies with terms to 9-16 and 9-17. The committee studies ways and means of improving relations with the Corpus Christi sister cities.

Transportation Advisory Committee – One (1) vacancy with term to 4-30-15. The committee is responsible for public advisory jurisdiction and citizen traffic safety investigation, traffic accident, injury and damage prevention in the City and other duties.

Water Resources Advisory Committee – Five (5) vacancies with terms to 4-1-16 representing the following categories: School District, Citizen at Large, Port Industries, Apartment Owners Association and Landscaping. The committee advises the City Council, City Manager and Water Superintendent in matters of water resources management.

Biographical Information forms are available on the City of Corpus Christi’s website at, I Want to…Apply for a City Board. You may also submit an application and resume to the City Secretary’s Office via fax at (361) 826-3113 or via e-mail at

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