City Employee Disaster Relief Program + Additional Resources

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July 14, 2017
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City Employee Disaster Relief Program + Additional Resources

Message from Margie Rose, City Manager City of Corpus Christi

Fellow Employees,

For the most part, our City was spared the devastation we have seen in some of our neighboring communities. The recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey will surely remain constant over the next few weeks, months and possibly years. Many of you have reached out to help not only affected city employees but also our neighbors.

We have created a City Employee Disaster Relief Program designed to provide short-term assistance to any employees who are experiencing severe need due to Hurricane Harvey. This program was created because of the strong outpouring of volunteerism we have received from many employees, and more specifically to help relieve City Employees the suffering or loss of resources. We believe that through our strong network of City Employees we can turn goodwill into action so that all members of our organization and our families receive support and alleviation in whatever circumstances they may find themselves in. To apply for support or to provide support, please visit the webpage:  

The City is also offering a cash advance on your paycheck for employees who need money, as a result of Hurricane Harvey, prior to getting paid on September 8th.   The amount of the advance cannot exceed $200 and will be payroll deducted in 4 pay periods.  Only one advance will be accepted per person.  The time period for accepting the advances is now until Thursday, September 7th at 5:00 pm.  The advance request form can be downloaded from here…>> and employees must fill out their portion, have their supervisors sign and take to Central Cashiering to receive a cash advance.

In addition, some additional resources can be found on our Harvey web page at There are links to a variety of resources from FEMA, Small Business Administration (SBA), Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) and non-profit/volunteer groups.

Once your property and family has recovered, I would encourage you to get involved and assist our fellow neighbors.

Thank you,

Margie C. Rose
City Manager

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