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September 5, 2014
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City Employees Celebrate Years of Service

Please join Mayor Nelda Martinez and City Manager Ron Olson in congratulating the following employees for their dedicated service to the City of Corpus Christi. Thank you!

35 Years 
Frances Trejo, Library Assistant, Neyland Library

30 Years
Alexander Blanco, Jr., Fire Captain, Fire Department
Doniel Gosson, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Andrew Cardiel, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Department
Roberto Barrera, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Robert Pena, Fire Captain, Fire Department
Joe Flores, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Eric Tyler, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Emilio Hernandez, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Benito Sendejar, Firefighter I, Fire Department

20 Years
Jose Rodriguez, Concrete Finisher, Water
Richard Reyes, Utility Technician II, Water
Albert Perez, Heavy Equipment Operator, Solid Waste Operations
Cheryl Daubs, Dispatch Supervisor, Police Department
Brenda Garza, Senior Officer, Police Department

15 Years
Adria Schreiber-Garza, Finance & Resource Management Superintendent, Storm Water

10 Years
David Salinas, Parks Technician I, Parks & Recreation
Timothy Sampson, Heavy Equipment Operator, Solid Waste Operations
Luis Patino, Heavy Equipment Operator, Solid Waste Operations
Neomi Ramirez, Resolution Supervisor, Finance
Rodney Appleby, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Ty Lopez, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Trevor Jacobi, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Scott Sampson, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Samuel Caceres, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Ryan Reagan, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Ronald Martinez, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Patrick Garcia, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Noah Drumright, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Lonnie Loosemore, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Jerilyn Cordova, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Gabriel Gonzales, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Frank Solansky, Fire Captain, Fire Department
Enrique Cantu, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Edward Shaw, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Carlos Bazan, Firefighter I, Fire Department
Brian Garza, Firefighter II, Fire Department
Andrew Cortez, Fire Captain, Fire Department
Juan Perez, Parking Meter Supervisor, Police Department
Emily Perez, Senior Officer, Police Department
Yvette Torres, Call Center Representative, Public Communications
Clarissa Johnson, Contracts/Funds Administrator, Capital Programs
Rolondo Arias, Deputy City Marshal, Municipal Court
Richard Santana, Detention Officer Supervisor, Municipal Court

5 Years
Raul Rodriguez, Senior Application Specialist, Municipal Information System
Nicole Vela, Utility Technican IV, Wastewater
Eladio Hernandez, Junior, Utility Technician III, Water
Jose Martinez, Instrument & Electrical Technician, Water
Victoria Maldonado, Library Assistant, Neyland Library
Eduardo Ortega, Jr., Director, Housing & Community Development

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