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October 8, 2014
October 9, 2014
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Employees Creating Momentum

The Texas Municipal League held its annual conference in Houston, Texas this year featuring Simon T. Bailey, best-selling author and former leader of the Disney Institute.

During his presentation, he focused on employees and their contribution to customer service. How do we connect what we do with every customer? What is the story? 
Mr. Bailey recommends that every employee work in another department for just one day to see a different view and maybe asked a different question.

Employees are hired to do a job, but are hired to create a moment – for a customer, a co-worker, a mentee, a visitor. Moments compounded over time to create momentum. He suggested that cities see “best in class cities” to see how they do things. 

When it came to technology, Mr. Bailey asked if we (cities) are wanting broadband results but using dial up methods? He strongly advocates for new thinking, the use of social media, and new technology to achieve these results.

In the closing part of presentation, Mr Bailey answered two thoughtful questions…What makes us special/unique? What is it we can do that we’ve never done before?

Get up 15 min early – break it up in three 5 min segments. The first 5 minutes should be used to meditate. The second 5 minutes you should read something that motivates you. The final 5 minutes should be used to stretch & get yourself aligned with the day. It takes just 15 minutes a day to get myself better. He suggested live your life in quarters and evaluating your status every quarter.

The final numbers of his equation is 7 days week, 30 days a month, 90 days per quarter. His philosophy is 7 days to brilliance, which can be viewed on his website

Observed by: Tom Tagliabue, Intergovernmental  Relations at the City of Corpus Christi 

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