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January 15, 2014
Sandra Rodriguez – Employee of the 3rd Quarter – 2014
June 1, 2014
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Mary Ann Reedy – Employee of the 2nd Quarter – 2014

2ndCongratulations to Mary Ann Reedy from Engineering Services for winning the Employee of the 2nd Quarter award for December 2013 – February 2014.

Mary Ann Reedy has been with the Engineering Services Department as the “smiling face” of the front desk for just over one year. During that time her professionalism and first rate customer service have helped the department align with the goal of transitioning the departmental culture from project ownership to a client orientated service” Besides her assigned duties of managing the daily influx of phone calls, messages, in-person requests, and mail, she keeps up with project plans and spec books, plan deposits, bidder’s lists and other functions of a professional engineering department. Although Mary Ann performs her job at an exceptional level with a positive attitude, it’s the extra step she goes to assist her fellow City employees and the citizens of Corpus Christi that make her stand out as an exemplary example and role model worth of recognition of City Employee of the Quarter.

Right after joining the City of Corpus Christi, Mary Ann joined the City Assistance Team (CAT) and rolled her sleeves up to make a difference. She is now Co-Chair of CAT and has led the team in raising money for the United Way of Oklahoma Tornado Victims, ALS, Driscoll Hospital Miracle Jeans benefit and the annual George Evans Elementary School Children’s Christmas. As CAT celebrates its 50th year in existence, Mary Ann is helping to expand the program even more. This year’s Christmas experience grew from shopping for shoes with the kids to working with the school counselors to provide wrapped presents, a visit with Santa, cookies, and punch at City Hall! She encourages other employees to give their time to CAT, and mentors them in volunteer activities.

Outside of CAT team, Mary Ann crossed the Engineering door to team up with employees from other departments and organized gatherings and fund raisers for Relay for Life, and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

While Mary Ann firmly believes in the needs to assist her friends and community, she also understands the commitment and responsibility her job requires from her. That is why you will see Mary Ann at the office late at nights, and on weekends. She spends her time planning these events not during her “eight to five” responsibilities, but her selfless work for others starts after five and on Saturdays.

Congratulations to Mary Ann on this achievement and the deserving recognition!

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