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Motivation Monday!

7 Ways To Wake Up Motivated!

by @INeedMotivation

If you have trouble waking up in the morning with motivation, you are not alone. From the research that I do and the number of people I speak with, this is a very common occurrence. I myself dealt with this issue which lingered on for years. I would go to bed guaranteeing to myself that I would wake up with all the motivation in the world, ready to tackle anything in front of me, only to have all of it completely forgotten in the morning. It’s quite frustrating, to say the least! There are simple things that you can do that will help ensure that you wake up with the proper level of motivation to get you to have a productive, successful day. Here is my personal list of things that do just that:

Get out of bed immediately
Arguably, the worst thing you can do to your motivation in the morning is to stay lying in your comfortable bed. You will try to debate with yourself, whether you should get up or stay a little longer. Guess which side usually wins? How do you get yourself out of bed immediately? My trick was to put my annoying alarm clock in another room. I had no choice but to get up and look for it to turn it off. So I was immediately out of bed. I hear now they make alarms that bounce around so that you have to get up to catch it…I think that’s pretty clever too! Getting out of bed asap is the #1 priority if you want to wake up motivated. It’s the foundation, without that, everything else fails.

Drink a large glass of water
Once you are out of bed, you should drink water as soon as possible. You body becomes quite dehydrated during sleep, and this lack of water in your system causes you to feel fatigue when you wake up. Drink some water, and guaranteed you will feel better and immediately more lucid and motivated. I always keep a full glass of water in my room before bedtime, so once I am done running around to shut my alarm off, my glass of water is ready for me 😉

I remember many years ago, I had a personal trainer that told me that if you stretch for 5-10 min. every morning, guaranteed you will have a much better day. For some reason, this always stuck with me, and I truly believe that it does wonder for motivation in the morning. When I say stretching, I don’t mean the quick stretch you do when you get out of bed. I mean, do full stretches of your arms, legs, neck, everything. Stretching increases circulation of the blood to various parts of your body, which is very important in the morning, since your system was inert for many hours. This increase in circulation increases energy levels, and energy is crucial to motivation. This 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning can really make a difference as to what type of day you will have.

Glance at your goals
As I mentioned above, one of my biggest problems in the morning was the fact that I had forgotten all the motivation and all the things I was pumped up to do with my day once I got up. It was as if I had a case of amnesia and that within the span of sleep, everything that I was so excited about had disappeared. My way to resolving this issue was to keep a list of my goals next to my bed. I have my goals for the day, as well as my long term goals. This helps remind me what I have to get done and why it’s important to get it done. A visualization board can also be very useful. This is where you create a montage of all the things you want in your life on some type of board that you keep around your home. Looking at this right away in the morning is a wonderful method to get the right amount of motivation that you need to jumpstart your day.

Psyche yourself up
Many years ago I worked in sales and within two months I had become the #1 salesperson in the company. Although I was a newbie, I was more motivated than anyone and it paid off big time. One of my tricks was that I had the ability to psyche myself up so much as I was getting ready in the morning, that by the time I had arrived for work, I was on fire. I couldn’t be stopped. Instead of saying to yourself how it would be better if you could just go back to bed or that you just don’t feel like doing anything, learn the habit of having constructive self talk. Build yourself up. If you need a boost, use self help tapes. Those are always great to listen to and the morning is ideal to get that motivation going. You can put it on as you get ready, even listen to it as you stretch for example.

Listening to your favorite music in the morning can help put you in a good mood, which will then increase your energy and your motivation. I know I find it very boring in the morning if it’s all quiet. Feeling bored makes you want to go back to sleep! Music helps tremendously in creating an atmosphere that is more fun and more upbeat, which is required to get that motivation in the morning. You can set your alarm to play your favorite song, there are programs that easily do so available on the web, and the easiest way is probably to use your cellphone to play your favorite tune as your alarm ring tone. If you want some fun songs that can really help motivate you in the morning, check out this article I wrote recently: 10 Cool & Unique Songs To Wake Up To

Remember that one Desire
What is that one thing that you want in your life? What is it that you absolutely desire? Waking up with that one thought in your mind can provide you with the motivation to move mountains! We all have that one “want” that is the driving force behind everything that we do. Having this in your mind first thing in the morning can make the difference between a lackluster day and a day where you completed everything that you set out to do. This desire should never leave you. It should be with you at all times, and particularly as you get out of bed. This desire should be so grand and so spectacular that it overrides every negative or non-productive thought that may cross your mind in the morning. Think about your one desire and make it the first thought that pops into your head as you open your eyes in the morning, and watch your motivation skyrocket!

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