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September 24, 2015
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September 29, 2015
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New recruits like Ms. Morrow here at the City means fresh new ideas…1 of our many sources of motivation. Welcome to the team! #Teamingup


  1. Wanita says:

    This post is the TRUTH.”One size fits most” and/or cheap, floppy and flimsy holsters are caashtroptes waiting to happen! If you holster your pistol and you can MOVE IT AROUND in the holster, you MUST either replace the holster or get it fixed!I have never liked belly bands, Thunderwear or Smart carry, and while this was just a cheap knockoff, I still wouldn’t use any of them.

  2. tv 3 siapa, peniaga kecil siapa, dan siapa yg menaikan mereka… kita juga.. jadi yg berniaga kecilan tu sedarlah diri, cari tempat lain kalau nak berniaga, jangan cuba nak kacau gergasi. pendek kata, sendiri buat sendiri tanggung… ha..ha..ha

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