New Water Curriculum Delivers Message of Responsibility

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August 12, 2014
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August 25, 2014
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New Water Curriculum Delivers Message of Responsibility

New Water Curriculum Delivers Message of Responsibility For the Eco-System to City Elementary Children

When: Wednesday, August 20th

Where: 10:00a.m. Garcia Elementary, 1945 Gollihar Road 11:00a.m. Hicks Elementary, 3602 McArdle Road

Who: Environmental & Strategic Initiatives Staff Alexa Castaneda, Water Conservation Manager

What: Delivering Water Curriculums to City School Districts

The City’s Environmental and Strategic Initiatives’ staff will be busy delivering workbooks, DVD’s and teacher’s guides to six local school districts participating in programs that teach responsibility and respect for the eco-system. 8,750 elementary aged students will learn from fun characters, “Toby Globy” and “Major Rivers” and his horse, “Aquifer,” about water resources and conservation, recycling and trash prevention. The curriculums teach awareness using songs and activities combined with reading, writing and arithmetic, which educators believe will help young children retain good habits for life and in many cases educate their families. Since 2003, these programs have been part of the City of Corpus Christi’s water and ecological education and outreach.

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