The City of Corpus Christi Makes a Mark with Workforce Development Program

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May 15, 2019
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May 19, 2019
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The City of Corpus Christi Makes a Mark with Workforce Development Program

Thanks to Crystal Ybanez our Water Quality Manager at the City of Corpus Christi for sharing the spotlight when their department received recognition for the best Workforce Development Programs in the nation! Congrats!

The City of Corpus Christi Water Utilities received a 2019 National Environmental Achievement Award (NEAA) for its workforce development program. The utility makes workforce development a priority within the organization. It is their goal to produce a workplace that gives employees opportunities to become more successful in their current and future employment and to increase the number of leaders in the community. The leadership within the City strives to provide a roadmap to guide the career of employees by providing the means to participate in innovative learning and to develop meaningful, lifelong skills.

The Corpus Christi Water Utilities works hard to ensure the development of both general skills and job-specific skills. General skills are taught at a Learning Institute and with training courses teaching information like leadership skills, communication, customer service, and more. Job-specific skills are also made a priority though water and wastewater targeted training and certifications. Skillsets are given consideration when employees are considered for promotions and annual performance evaluations. If key skillsets have not been mastered, employee reviews are often suggested or required.

The mission of the City of Corpus Christi is to deliver excellent services that protect the vital health, safety and general welfare of its citizens and sustain and improve their quality of life. Their NACWA NEAA-winning workforce development programs have been designed and implemented to improve career growth, organizational capability, and customer experiences. It is with these programs that Corpus Christi Water Utilities develops champion employees who ensure the success of their organization.


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