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Thriving Thursday: How Your Strengths Make You Stronger

Employees who use their strengths are more engaged, perform better, are less likely to leave — and boost your bottom line.

The best way for to maximize employees’ strengths is through their managers.

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. That’s just one big finding from decades of Gallup research into human behaviors and strengths. That research has established a compelling connection between strengths and employee engagement in the workplace — a connection that has the power to accelerate performance when companies work on enhancing both simultaneously.

The power of strengths

The best way for people to grow and develop is to identify how they most naturally think, feel, and behave — their talents — then build on those talents to create strengths, or the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance. Gallup works with businesses worldwide to help their employees discover their innate talents and apply them productively to achieve performance outcomes. READ MORE…>> by Susan Sorenson

Do you need to find out what your strengths are, or are you a manager who needs a talent map of your employees? Contact us today and we’ll send you a free link to the assessment…>>

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