Employee Off-Boarding Procedures

Whatever the reason your employee has left the City of Corpus Christi, it is important to process the off-boarding paperwork in a timely manner when a big transition is taking place. The process isn’t as simple as waving goodbye and wishing them well. Between necessary IRS forms, potential payroll and benefits complications, and information technology account access, these details could slip through the cracks.

We have developed this procedure in place because there are so many different activities to consider. We hope this guide will make off-boarding employees easier and more effective for your department.

This guide is divided into three sections

  1. Off-Boarding Resigning Employees
  2. Off-Boarding Terminating Employees
  3. Off-Boarding Seasonal and Temporary Employees
  4. Off-Boarding Volunteers
  5. Handling an Employee Death

If you have any questions, please contact:
Tabitha Jimenez-Sanchez
361.826.3300 (Press 0)