Mid-Year Performance Feedback

The City of Corpus Christi’s Employee Performance Management Process is designed to:

  1. Communicate employee performance expectations and measure performance;
  2. Document and recognize superior employee performance;
  3. Continuously improve organizational employee performance to ensure that the City of Corpus Christi is the benchmark among Texas cities.

To encourage exceptional employee performance of the City employees it is important for supervisors to:

  1. Lead by example. Meet with direct reports regularly throughout the cycle to establish expectations, identify and provide training and support, evaluate progress and document results;
  2. Ensure that managers and supervisors demonstrate and communicate this example throughout the organization;
  3. Ensure that end of year ratings are well documented, consistent throughout the organization and submitted for all employees in a timely manner.

To facilitate this process the city of Corpus Christi will implement a mid-year performance feedback process.  Mid-year performance feedback is meant to be dialogue centered, meaning that the supervisor should sit down with the employee and discuss the employee’s performance.

Once this dialogue occurs, and the supervisor or manager obtains the appropriate signatures, the supervisor will upload the feedback form to the link below, to be stored in the employee’s record.


  • Observable dates of employee performance are:  October – March of each year
  • Evaluation process begins: April 1
  • Evaluation process ends (no later than date for all feedback forms to be uploaded): May 31
  • Annual Performance appraisals will begin October 1

Supervisors/Managers will utilize the form below to upload the employee performance feedback to the Organizational Development Department for processing to the employee record.