“Taking Care of Our City Champions”

The City Employee Disaster Relief Program is designed to provide short-term assistance to City of Corpus Christi employees experiencing severe need due to unexpected and unavoidable City disasters. City of Corpus Christi employees come together to alleviate any hardships our fellow employees may experience. Fellow employees who have been affected by a disaster and have exhausted the means to cope with the situation are invited to let us know so that we can provide relief.

CURRENT DISASTER: As of August 30, 2017, we have activated the City Employee Disaster Relief Program due to Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey affected Corpus Christi, Texas and surrounding areas on Friday, August 25, 2017 causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding. In a four-day period, many areas received more than 40 in (1,000 mm) of rain as the system meandered over eastern Texas and adjacent waters.


  1. Use the application form below, on this web page (Scroll Down).
  2. Please be sure to prepare to upload your required documentation and provide a personal narrative when you submit the application form online.
  3. Application requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Eligible applicants must be a City of Corpus Christi employee at the time of the emergency in order to be eligible to apply.
  2. Only one request for relief will be considered per family residing in the same principal place of residence, regardless of the number of eligible persons residing in the household.
  3. For verification of eligibility, all applicants must submit documentation, which may include, photographs of damage/need, copies of a report or estimate from first responders, other relief agencies or insurance adjusters that substantiate the degree of damages and the extent of displacement and hardship.
  4. Applicants do NOT have to wait for emergency relief or insurance claims to be settled for documents to be considered proper in order to apply.
  5. All applicants having been temporarily displaced from their primary residence under “uninhabitable” MUST submit a signed, personal narrative detailing the specific reasons for the anticipated duration of the displacement.
  6. Applications for support must be received within 30 days from the date that the disaster occurred unless the applicant can provide sufficient reason(s) why they were unable to complete and submit their application prior to this deadline.
  7. All application forms are reviewed and may be awarded based on the employee’s narrative, supporting documents and contingent upon resource and funds availability.


Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group: (361) 596-3741
Volunteer, Material Donations and Monetary Donations (Coastal Bend Community Foundation) – Online sign-up system

Church Unlimited: 7451 Bay Area Drive
Monetary and Supply Donations
Monday – Friday 12 pm -6 pm
Saturday 12 pm – 8 pm
Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

Catholic Charities: 615 Oliver Court
Cleaning Supplies and Monetary Donations
Monday – Thursday 7:30 am -5 pm

Coastal Bend Community Foundation: www.cbcfoundation.org

Food Bank of Corpus Christi: 826 Krill Street, 361.887.6291
Food and Water – Call daily to find the nearest distribution time and location.

Salvation Army of Corpus Christi: 1802 Buford Street, 361.884.9497
Food and Water – Call daily to find the nearest distribution time and location.

Metro Ministries: 1919 Leopard Street, 361.887.0151
Food, clothing, electric and utilities, rent assistance, bus tokens, and other types of assistance

Good Samaritan Rescue Mission: 210 S. Alameda @ Kinney, 361.883.6195
Variety of Services. Open 24/7/365 – Never Closed

Goodwill: 2961 S. Port Ave., 361.884.4068
Variety of Services.

KiiiTV Channel 3 News: http://www.kiiitv.com/
Listing of additional resources with frequent updates.

Disaster SNAP: Website…>>
Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Short-term food assistance.

DisasterAssistance.gov: Website…>>
Apply for disaster assistance, and check application status.
File a personal claim with your insurer.

Texas Department of Insurance’s Consumer Hotline:
1-800-252-3439 for insurance help.

Red Cross Listing: Website…>>
Register yourself “safe and well” through this Red Cross list.

There are many community resources available:
Please find more information here…>> 


Any City employees who would like to help can make a donation as per the listing below:

1. Leave Time Donations: Please click here to fill out the form and submit it to Human Resources…>>

2. Monetary Donations: Employees should make their donations at City Hall – Central Cashiering, to be deposited into account number 203386 – Employee Assistance Donations. You may also deliver checks to the Human Resources department, at City Hall, on the 2nd Floor. Please make checks payable to “City of Corpus Christi” and note “Account 203386” in the memo area.

3. Volunteers to help employees with temporary housing, home restoration, relocation, pet sitting, etc. Click here to submit your name as a volunteer…>>

DONATIONS: as of September 20, 2017

Monetary Donations - $4,105.12
Leave Time Donations - 2,930 hours by 70 employees
Volunteers and Resources - 13 People


Who can apply for assistance?
Any employee (civilian, uniform, temporary or part-time) can apply for assistance. However, depending on temporary or regular status, there may be different eligibility for the different types of assistance.

What type of contributions can be made?
Employees can contribute monetary donations, donate accrued leave time or volunteer their time to help an employee outside of work.

How do I donate money?
Any employee can donate money via cash or check contribution to Human Resources (2nd floor) or directly to Central Cashiering at City Hall (1st floor).

How do I donate my accrued leave?
You may opt to donate accrued personal, vacation or sick leave for use in the disaster relief program. There are no restrictions on whom may contribute leave. The application is available on this webpage. Scroll Down.

How do I volunteer to help an employee?
You may sign up to volunteer on the relief website: www.learningcc.org/relief

How will the monetary donations be distributed?
The money will be deposited into a City account and distributed via Accounts Payable in the Finance Department.

How will leave be distributed?
Donated leave will be collected into a “pool” to be utilized by approved applicants. These employees will receive a distribution for use as needed.

Who will receive my donations?
Applications are accepted online and are reviewed by a committee comprised of employees from Human Resources. This committee includes the Director of HR, two HR managers, and 3 additional HR team members.

If I am awarded leave time, how much time do I have to use it?
All allocated leave time will expire twelve (12) months from the date of the recognized disaster.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources Department at: 

PHONE: 361.826.3300
EMAIL: learninginstitute@cctexas.com
WEBSITE: http://learningcc.org/relief 

  • Steve Viera
  • Sylvia Guzman
  • Marie ‘Odette’ Cruz
  • Noemi Perez
  • Megan Ysassi
  • Liza Wisner
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